About Us



      I originally set up the business in 1990. Then when Charlie became 16, He

      joined me and then finally, Susan joined us to take care of office & driving
      duties. I am responsible for most of the specialist services & repairs that
     we have to offer, as well as nearly all of the in-depth diagnostic testing &
     repairs. I have been involved in the motor trade for over 35 years. I have
     trained with some of the best diagnostic equipment available to the motor
     industry & have also completed many training courses run by one of the

     biggest Automotive suppliers & developers in the world. I believe that no

     one person can know everything about every make of vehicle on the market,

     but it does help to have as good an understanding as possible, that is why I  

     intend to continue advance training in the near future, to help enable me to

     remain one of the leading technicians in our locality!

        Paul Gunstone CAE AMIMI: Director/Diagnostic Technician

               Charles Pearce CAE AMIMI: Senior Vehicle Technician

I am the Senior Tech in the business. I have been involved in the motor
trade since the age of 16. My role in the business is to carry-out all types
of mechanical servicing & repairs, as well as helping out with the more in-
depth diagnostic tests & repairs. I have also completed many  training

courses & intend to complete many more in the near future. This will help

me to remain one of the most advanced Senior technicians in our locality. Repairing vehicles is a very challenging job & I find that I am learning something new every day. I take great pride in my work & ensure that all

of my jobs are carried out to a very high standard. I am also involved in

many of the specialist services that we offer, including DPF cleaning, petrol

injector cleaning, timing belt & timing chain replacement, A/C service &

repairs & especially computerised four wheel alignment using our Bosch

fully computerised wheel alignment system.

Rachel 1.jpg

                     Rachel Norley: Receptionist & Accounts

I am the most recent member of the team & Charlie's partner. As well as being

the main receptionist for the business, I also handle the purchasing & stock

control of all the parts required for vehicles in for repair, supplier credits &

returns, invoicing of the customers as well as some of the other smaller, daily accounting duties of the business. If you need to book your vehicle in for any

form of; Service, Repair or Mot Test, then why not give me a call on our main

phone number, which is 01761 453423 & I will be more than happy to discuss

your vehicle requirements with you. If you prefer contacting me by email, then

simply use the email function that can be found on the "Contact Us" page & I will contact you when I receive your email message. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Rachel........

                  Susan Gunstone: Director, Accounts & Driver

I am Paul's wife & a company Director. I spend most of my time behind the scenes taking care of the day to day running of the business. Although you may see me floating around from time to time, I am mainly to be found sorting through paperwork, banking payments or preparing paperwork for our bookeeper. Part of my duties is also to deliver the courtesy cars to our customers & then bring their motor vehicles back to the workshop. It has

always been our policy to offer a courtesy car service for very many of our  customers over the age of 21. I also drive the company van to collect spare parts, tyres, etc when required. This means that Paul & Charlie can remain in the workshop & means that there is no valuable time wasted by either of our technicians chasing parts for vehicles under repair in the workshop!


Our Guarantee To You, The Customer..........

          All the work that we carry out is covered by our full 12 months, 12000 mile warranty. This covers all of the
         parts that we fit against any electrical or mechanical failure during this period. If a part fitted by us fails
         during this period, we will supply all parts & fluids free-of-charge, but labour for the repairs will be charged
         at the current rate & will be subject to vat. Our warranty policy does not however cover components that
         have failed due to wear & tear & of course excludes tyres & other items that may be damaged by severe
         road conditions, etc. All failed parts are subject to a full strip down and inspection by the manufacturer &
         their decision on the cause of the failure of the part(s) in question, will be deemed as final! Your statutory
         rights are not effected in any way by our warranty policy.