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      Free Fitting


  £2.50 off

                                           Free Fit Tyres.....


We keep a good stock of budget tyres at all times.

If we do not keep the tyre you require, then we

receive 2 deliveries a day from one of the biggest

tyre suppliers in the country! Want a specific make

of tyre? Not a problem! We are linked with our tyre supplier's online server & we can give a good quote immediately if you require one. Likewise, we can access their stock system & order tyres directly for

you if you so require them.


           Four Wheel Steering Geometry.....


Many people overlook the importance of their vehicles

steering geometry. Toe, Camber & Caster are all very

important steering angles. Premanture tyre wear,

poor handling & even excessive fuel consumption, can

all be atributed to poor wheel alignment. We measure

all these essential angles using the latest equipment &

measurement data. Prices for this service start from

as little as just £50.00 plus vat.



                        Free Fit Exhausts.....


We fit all our exhaust sections free of charge, with the

exception of catalytic converters & DPF filters. We can

either supply genuine dealer exhausts or aftermarket

quality exhausts. We are also able to supply various

performance exhausts upon request. Stainless steel

versions are also available through various suppliers! 

                  Free Fit On Most Batteries.....


We keep a good stock of Yuasa batteries at all times. We choose these batteries for their range of coverage, ultra reliability & affordable cost. We have been fitting these batteries for many years & we see very few failures. Need a slightly cheaper battery? Then the Yuasa economy range of batteries may suit your needs? Does your vehicle have

the latest start/stop technology? Then a Yuasa AGM battery is what you will need. Do you have a motorcycle?

Then Yuasa will probably have a battery to fit it, being one

of the biggest suppliers of motorcycle batteries out there.

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