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                               We Are Your Local Servicesure Autocentre




In November 2018 we became a member of the

Servicesure group of garages. Becoming a member

of this group, enables us to offer our customers

some fantastic deals & services, as well as offering

ourselves some fantastic support & services as well.

There will also be various group offers & services

available to our customers at various times during

the coming years. One such offer is the Brake Sure

"Brakes for Life" program, details of which can be

found below. Please keep visiting this web page for

details of all new services & offers that will become

available at different times during the coming years!


 Servicesure - Brake Sure Program



Brake Sure's 'Brakes For Life' program offers our

customers the opportunity to take advantage of the

'Free Replacement For Life' brake pad scheme. How

does this work? It's quite simple really. Just opt to

have your brake discs & pads replaced together, with

a set of Delphi brakes (if available for your vehicle)

& we will guarantee your brake pads for the length

of time that you own that vehicle. That's right, FREE

brake pads for the time you own your vehicle! All

you pay for is the labour, the brake pads come free

of charge! To take advantage of this scheme, or for

more information, give us a call on: 01761 453423

​    (Terms & Conditions apply & are available on request)


Battery Sure 1.jpg

 Servicesure - Battery Sure Program

Servicesure's Battery Sure program offers all

our customers the option of a FREE battery

test & report when they visit our workshop.

Using the very latest Yuasa battery testing equipment, we can now test & report on the

condition of any type of vehicle battery. After

testing the battery, we fit a "Battery Tested"

sticker to the battery & place a mirror hanger

inside the vehicle, informing the customer of

the state of charge & condition of their battery.

What if the battery fails? We keep a good stock

of Yuasa batteries at all times & have access to

all others from our local Yuasa suppliers.


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