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               Automotive Test & Diagnosis


Many people will know or will have heard of our good

reputation for automotive diagnostics. We have always

invested heavily in the latest diagnostic equipment &

software packages. Generic scan tools, dealer level scan

tools, dealer diagnostic systems, oscilloscopes, engine

analysers & multigas emission analysers complete our

intinary of high grade diagnostic tools. Petrol, Diesel &

even Hybrid vehicles are all able to be tested & repaired

by our staff. We also have a good network of diesel

specialists that help us with more complex test & repair

of diesel injectors & diesel pumps. If you are in need of

a diagnostic repair or even advice, please feel free to

give us a call on 01761 453423


                   Petrol Injector Testing & Servicing


    We are registered service agents for ASNu UK, the largest

    manufacturer & stockist of petrol injector test equipment 

    & spare parts in the united kingdom. Whether traditional

    petrol injection, high pressure GDI systems or the very

    latest piezo systems, we can test them. Using the latest

    ASNU test bench, we can quickly determin the condition

    of upto 8 petrol injectors at one time. unfortunately the

    piezo style injectors need to be sent to ASNU's factory

    by us as these injectors require a unique test method,

    using their own specialist injector test platform. injector

    servicing can cure many poor running faults including:

    Poor starting, misfires, hesitation & high emissions




Autologic is one of the most powerful aftermarket diagnostic test platforms available to the automotive industry. Currently, we use

the Autologic test platform for: BMW, Mini, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Mercedes, Smart, Porsche, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Dacia, Jaguar, Landrover, Volvo & Ford. This tool enables us to compete

with the main dealers for specialist work, such as replacement keys,

replacement of ECU units, specialist coding, configurations & even

ECU software updates to the latest version. Autologic also support

us with a good team of fully trained technicians via a telephone

technical helpline, so if we require any assistance with a certain

job, they are only a phone call away! 

                                         FSA Engine Analyser


One of our largest diagnostic machines, is the FSA720 engine analyser with

built in petrol & diesel emissions tester. This machine is without doubt, one of

the most power analysers available to the motor industry. This machine runs

by means of a specialist software package, designed & distributed by one of

the largest suppliers of automotive components in the world. They produce

this software with pre-defined test plans that help us to accurately test many

of todays modern automotive components. The built in petrol & diesel emission

analyser helps us to ensure that your vehicle is running to perfection, not only

for you, but also to meet the legal emission regulations! A print out of the test

results is also available to the customer for them to keep safe.



Basic Fault Diagnostic charges: We provide a fault code reading service for those looking for a diagnosis

of a specific vehicle fault(s). We will provide a code read, print out of the fault(s) found & 30 minutes

of our time devoted to a basic diagnosis, All for £48.00 inc vat. If however you choose to give us the

opportunity to repair your vehicle, then we will adjust the final invoice to waive this initial cost...............

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